Imagine that you are at work in a meeting and all of a sudden your phone dings, and someone sending you a message has decided to send you an inappropriate (naked, naughty) photo. Many people might be really panicked by this idea others maybe not so much.

Whether you would mind or not, just know that iPhone, according to the website Life Hacker, now has a new feature to help detect and block or blur out naked images and videos. This might be something you certainly want to look into so that inappropriate images don't show up on your phone at work.

I would think this also might be something you would want to use for your child's phone.

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Listen, there is no judgment from me here on what people do and do not watch on their phones. I don't care. But this new feature with the new iPhone update is interesting.

I can see how it would be very helpful. Think back on a time when you have been searching for something on your phone and you put in a word or phrase that you think is totally innocent, but you end up getting racy images. It's hilarious, but maybe not so much at work or in front of your kids!

What Is This Feature?

The new feature is called the "Sensitive Content Warning", and you are able to find it by going to the settings tab on your phone. Don't forget an update your phone so you can get this setting.

How Do I Get the Update?

Usually, your phone will let you know when your phone has an update. If you are not sure whether or not your phone has prompted you to do so then go to the "Settings" tab on your phone. For more information, you can click here.

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Can I Opt Out of this Feature?

I'm all about live and let live. My first question when I heard about these changes was whether or not I could opt out of this feature. I'm not saying I am specifically wanting to see these images because I don't, but if I am working on a news story that relates to a racey topic will it also blur out people who might have skimpy swimsuits on?

The answer to the question is that you actually have to opt into this feature if you want it to blur naked or suggestive images.

The Biggest Question, How Do They Get the Info to Know What I Receive & from Where?

Here is what Life Hacker had to say about this issue,

The "Sensitive Content Warning" setting uses on-device machine learning to analyze photos and videos you receive. Apple doesn't have access to the media you receive: The entire process is handled offline within your iPhone.

According to what Apple says they do not invade your pictures, videos, or your privacy.

So, in the end, it's all up to you as to whether or not you want to enable this on your phone, and if are looking for something, and a blurred picture comes up, it will offer you a "show" option and you can look at the picture.

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