Tamagotchi Is Making A Comeback
Tamagatchi is taking things to the next level with new features like smartphone connectivity and the ability for your virtual pets to marry someone else’s and have kids.
Is It Rude To Ask For A Wi-Fi Password When You Visit?
There'a an old saying, "Your house, your rules." That sounds reasonable, doesn't it? In Japan, guests are expected to remove their shoes before entering. That sounds like a good rule to me. I've been annoyed by dinner dates taking their phones out of their purse &…
How To Fix Scratches On Your Laptop Screen
Does your computer screen look like it's been to war? Does it have left over chicken grease on it or fingernail scratches from the last email you received from your ex? Make it look like new again. It's easy and you probably already have all the things you need around the house
Verizon Offering Free Robocall Blocking
I recently switched to Verizon from another carrier. Within the first couple days, I received three calls with the caller ID reading "Potential Spam," and one that read "Robocall." Verizon is reportedly rolling out a free robocall blocking app in the next few days (end of March).…

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