The new iPhone is out, and people are in awe of its new features.

According to Apple, the new iPhone 14 comes in 5 "fantastic" colors. The new iPhone 14 features the company's "longest battery life ever". The new iPhone 14 takes "a huge leap in low-light photos".

And (this is a big one they are pushing), the new iPhone 14 can features "emergency SOS via satellite'.

What does that mean?

Well, even when you don't have regular cell phone reception, your new iPhone 14 can make emergency calls via satellite connections. If you are in the mountains and the cell tower signals are blocked by terrain, or if you are out at sea and too far from land-based towers to have a good signal, you can still call for help.

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Another great feature that comes with the new iPhone 14? Crash detection and automatic emergency services calling.

If the iPhone 14 thinks you've been involved in a crash, it will come to life and tell you that it has sensed a crash and ask if you need emergency assistance. If you do not respond within a set time frame, the phone will automatically dial emergency services on your behalf.

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Users are reporting a glitch in the system, though, with iPhone 14s reacting to roller coasters.

It seems that the sudden starts, stops, turns, flips, rolls, climbs, and drops of roller coaster rides signal to the iPhone 14 that a crash has occurred, and the phone goes into its "Dialing Emergency Services" mode.

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According to the Mac Rumors website, the Wall Street Journal reported at least 6 instances of iPhone 14s going into crash mode as users were riding roller coasters.

No word on whether Apple will have a fix for this glitch, or if Apple even has this glitch on its radar.

Seriously: just turn off the feature before you get on a roller coaster, right?

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