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Have you ever been on the road in Louisiana and seen a porch light blinking? If you have that has a significant meaning.

A porch light that may be blinking on someone's house has a significant meaning and it's something that everyone needs to be aware of.

If you ever happen to see a light blinking in the front of someone's house it could mean that someone is in trouble or is in distress.

When driving through a neighborhood, if you see a light blinking you should call 911 immediately and report the address where the light is blinking. Often those who need help will blink a light so that EMTs, firefighters, or police can locate their home with ease.


At night it can be a challenge for anyone to locate a specific address, but in an emergency, a light blinking can notify authorities where the person is that needs help. So yes, you should never ignore a flashing light that is attached to someone's house.

Independent Mail reports that a flashing light on a house caught the attention of someone and when they looked into they found that someone was in distress and their awareness may have saved the person's life that needed assistance.

Now, if you notice a light blinking on your neighbor's house, you should follow up on it and notify them. A light that is blinking could also signify that a bulb is going out or that there is a faulty wire.

Like in previous posts here, we encourage you to share this important information with others on social media so that they are aware of this. You never know if the information you share saves the life of someone here in Louisiana.


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