Heads up.

The FBI has a warning for all of us and it has to do with you and me using public phone charging stations.

You often see these types of charging stations in places like airports, hotels, and shopping centers.

Now, the FBI says that we need to avoid these charging stations because thieves or hackers are getting into devices plugged into public charging stations.

You've guessed, the "bad guys" have figured out how to get into your device while it's plugged in and they are gaining control of your phone.

If you do plug your device into a power outlet, that is fine, hackers cannot get control of your device, but the problem comes when you plug your device into a USB port.

So, charge up your phone when heading out, and in the event of having to charge it, do so by using a power supply or wall outlet.

Again, avoid using public charging stations at all costs. It's not worth the risk.


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