Is there a strategy to winning the Lottery? Well, there might be...

Giorgio Trovato via
Giorgio Trovato via

TLC 'Lottery Changed My Life' Strategy

If you've ever seen "Lottery Changed My Life" on TLC, you might remember the episode where a former Lottery winner shared what he claims was his strategy for winning.

A South Carolina man says he's been using the Lottery strategy from that episode, and he just won $100,000.

As a matter of fact, the man who has chosen to remain anonymous tells he actually won $500 the first week using the Lottery strategy he learned watching "Lottery Changed My Life".

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The basic idea behind the Lottery Strategy is to spend $25 a week on Lottery tickets for three months.

This past week was the man's 7th week in a row spending $25 on Lottery tickets, and he won a whopping $100,000.

He says he doesn't even really know how to play Powerball, and initially thought he had won $50,000.

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"While comparing this week's winning numbers with the ones he chose, the man said he initially thought that he had only matched two numbers. 

His wife, however, took his ticket and compared both sets of numbers once more, only to notice that her husband had chosen the winning Powerball number. "

Have you tried this Lottery strategy?

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