A woman at a railroad crossing was left scratching her head and eyes after she spotted a man walking around with "three legs."

The man obviously does not have three legs, but he rigged his pants to make it look like he does, and he has certainly caught the attention of many.

Here's how he pulled this prank off, the man has a fake third leg built into an extra leg of the pants and he controls it with his left arm.

With the use of the arm, he moves the fake leg to make it look like the third leg is all part of the walking process.

What makes this prank so believable is that the extra leg on the pants and extra shoe match what he is wearing, thus you are left asking if this is real.

I don't know about you, but if I saw this I would either go off of the road or wreck, I would be that distracted by this man's "third leg."

Check out what has caught the attention of many and what has left so many asking if this man does have an extra leg.


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