We have some very entertaining videos from Louisiana that went viral on social media, but is this the best one yet?

Let's go back 15 years to when Christy Adams spoke to KATC TV-3 on LIVE television from in front of the Walmart store on Ambassador Caffery.

Adams described a scene from inside the store and then took the conversation further by describing what happened to someone outside the store.

If you recall, Adams describes what happened while she and her sister were at the jewelry counter when a suspect grabbed her sister's purse and ran out of the store.

Christy Adams, who we got to meet years later at a station event, gave chase while removing her slippers and explaining the situation to an employee.

Knowing that she was on LIVE television, Adams censored herself while describing the unfortunate incident in Lafayette.

In my opinion, this may be the best viral video from the Lafayette area, and it happened many years back. Will anyone or anything ever top this news interview in Acadiana?

Coming in second may be any Crime Stoppers video with Clay Higgins warning suspects he was on their trail while encouraging them to turn themselves in to authorities.

Do you recall segments like this on television?


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