Elon Musk has turned social media upside down...again. This time it's over the alleged imminent "killing-off" of the bird that has symbolized Twitter since the very beginning. In a series of tweets, Musk teased a move to a simple X to represent the brand.

The expected move calls into question the verb "tweet" altogether. The bird is what tweets and the Twitter-owned Tweetdeck even uses a bird tweeting when you update a feed. Twitter co-founder, Biz Stone, has said that the original logo's inspiration came from a sketch of a bird in flight. He has said in interviews that it represented the platform's capacity to spread messages rapidly as birds do. There have been other thoughts on the use of the bird. They symbolize freedom and birds can fly and communicate over long distances. Also, birds chirp or tweet, which aligns with the short post or "tweets" on the platform.

Twitter pollsters UNITE. More than 18,000 votes at the time of the writing reveals more than 60 percent of participants don't want the change.

Tech writer Kara Swisher has thoughts about the developments that trickled out early Sunday morning.

People have opinions and some even predict this is the beginning of the end for the site. But, It's worth noting that critics have predicted the end for a while now, but the company claims that the site's traffic is up.

It remains to be seen what happens. One thing is for sure, there are thousands of people talking about Twitter today who otherwise wouldn't be. As a marketer myself, that seems like a win.

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