Sometimes you put things on social media that you later regret, and Taylor Swift's boyfriend Travis Kelce learned that over the Easter weekend.

While the Tweet that he sent out may not have had any evil intent, some on the social media platform that is not referred to as "X" thought that it was a bit insensitive.

In the Tweet, the NFL star player wished everyone a Happy Easter, but the problem came with what he had to say after that.

In the same message, Kelce also thanked Jesus for "taking one for the team, " which upset many on the social media platform. Yes, referring to the crucifixion of Jesus.

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Now, because it is 2024 and it is so easy to document things, before Kelce could delete the Tweet a screenshot was taken of it and shared across the platform.

Here's the since-delete message from the NFL star and Taylor Swift's boyfriend.


Here are a few reactions we came across on X on the Tweet that received much outrage, yet some again did not see an issue with it.


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