First Tesla Police Car In The World Arrives In New York
The world's first ever 'Model Y' police vehicle has arrived in New York and many online have strong opinions concerning the unit. While some think that this is another example of police unnecessarily overspending, some argue that the Tesla unit could actually save taxpayer dollars.
Merry Christmas To All The Bucs Fans Who Thought [VIDEO]
This is an all time level of trolling by a Saints fan on Twitter to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers fan base. Set to the tune of "Simply Having A Wonderful Christmas Time", a montage of Twitter posts show just how wrong people were about the team from Tampa this year.
Dallas Restaurant Owner Lashes Out On Customers For Twerking
A Dallas restaurant has been the talk of the internet after the owner was filmed addressing his patrons for twerking in the dining area. Many are saying that the owner went too far with his yelling and ranting, while others are happy with the way the business owner took control over his restaurant.

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