So many people in Louisiana are planning to either ride in or attend Mardi Gras parades this weekend and unfortunately, the weather could impact a few of these parades.

Let's face it, many of us look forward to Mardi Gras all year long and when the weather puts a damper on Carnival Season, it can be flat-out disappointing.

Well, we have some unfortunate news to share with you regarding the forecast for this weekend (Saturday, February 3, 2024).

Weather models now show a line of storms moving across much of Louisiana late Saturday just when some parades may be rolling. In Lafayette, that would be the Rio Parade, and in New Orleans that would be several others.

While the forecast looks great for much of the work week, things begin to change by Saturday afternoon, which should allow the Mardi Gras parade in Scott to roll Saturday at 10 am without any weather-related issues.

However, if you plan to attend parades on Saturday evening, you may want to have the rain gear ready when you walk out the door. Still, even if storms move through the region early Saturday evening, that may not stop some from attending the parades that they wait for all year long.

We'll continue to watch things as we move through the week, and if there are any more changes to the forecast for Saturday, we'll share them here and on this station's mobile app.

Let's all hope that the parades scheduled for this weekend in Louisiana are not affected by the weather and that Mardi Gras can be celebrated by those who love the season. Does anyone know a good dance to keep storms away?

Here's a look at the extended forecast for Acadiana.


Now, check out the potential amount of rainfall in Acadiana through Sunday.


Take a look at a graphic that Jim Cantore shared on Twitter. The hurricane chaser is monitoring what will likely impact Louisiana by Saturday, and this graphic illustrates what could come soon.


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