Former New Orleans Saints Quarterback Jameis Winston is at it again.

Winston, who has become known more for his off-the-field stunts, has signed with the Cleveland Browns and he is already doing Jameis Winston things.

A recent video on social media shows the NFL quarterback in dress clothes and a trench coat taking snaps while in a weight room.

Winston who has become what some would say is a "Walking Meme" has not missed a step since taking his talents north.

Here's Winston with a new teammate learning reads and taking snaps, while dressed up like he just arrived off a plane.

Look, we can joke about this guy, but all that you heard about him while he was in New Orleans was that he was a great teammate and loved the city.

Here's Jameis Winston getting to work immediately in Cleveland.

Here are a few words Winston shared after deciding to leave the city that he truly fell in love with.

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