Former New Orleans Saints Quarterback Drew Brees is a man of many talents.

Saints fans know that Drew Brees was great at football, after all, he brought the Saints their only Super Bowl trophy home, and we've even seen him work some in the media.

However, did you know that Brees can work a drive-thru window?

Yes, the man of many talents worked the window at one of his newest restaurants in Metairie, Louisiana. Along with many other businesses, Drew now owns a Smalls Sliders restaurant in South Louisiana.


While this may be the only time you see the Super Bowl-winning quarterback working the window here, it had to have been quite the experience for fans to be waited on by #9.

WVUE posted a few photos of Brees and fans as they opened the doors to the new restaurant. Now, the next time you're in Metairie, will you stop by the location to see if Drew is still hard at work?

Check out some of the photos of fans in line in hopes that #9 hands off their meal to them.

Check out the moment Drew cut the ribbon in front of his new business with the ceremonial "Big Scissors."

With the Saints on the sideline until next season, the search is on for their next offensive coordinator, and here's what Brees had to say about the search.


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