Some New Orleans Saints fans did not hold back on their quarterback when they decided to make him the theme for their Mardi Gras float.

Carr, who was often injured in the 2023 NFL season, was not a fan favorite after the Saints underperformed in the eyes of many fans.

The Saints signed Derek Carr last season in hopes that his experience would elevate the team, and at times he seemed to struggle. However, Carr did finish the season strong for the Saints, but that didn't stop some fans from trolling him in a recent Mardi Gras parade.

New Orleans Saints v Los Angeles Rams
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Not only did fans on the float seem to highlight the quarterback's many injuries from the recent season, but signs on the float seem to "Boo" number 4 for the Saints.

Regardless of how these fans may feel, Carr did lead his team to a 9-8 season and appears to have been awarded a contract extension by the New Orleans Saints.

Does that mean we'll see more floats like this one below in future Mardi Gras parades? We'll have to wait and see how he and his team perform in 2024.

Here's another photo of the Derek Carr float in NOLA, and check out the sign one fan held up as the float went by. If you know, the Saints did play behind the chains quite a bit this past season, and this sign seemed to remind many of that.

Here's another look at the float that so many are talking about. Do you feel bad for Carr after this?


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