Easter candy donations are needed for underprivileged children in Lafayette and the surrounding areas of Acadiana.

Have you made a trip to a grocery store lately? Maybe you're not the person in your household who goes to the grocery store or you don't order the groceries. Have you seen the cost of things in any store lately? It's painful.

This year, Robin McMillan, founder of Margaret's Minnows needs candy for Easter baskets for kids who otherwise wouldn't get one. McMillian does the same thing around Christmas. It's a big job.

If you're one of the people who doesn't live paycheck to paycheck thinking about affording things for a child or grandchild's Easter baskets probably isn't on your mind. For so many other families that is not the case.

Easter Baskets
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Most families are struggling out there. McMillian is hoping people who have a little extra in their lives will be willing to donate candy so that she can put together around 400 Easter baskets for our young people who need them.

Children in several organizations will receive candy including the following:

  • Boys and Girls Clubs of Acadiana
  • CASA
Chocolate Easter Eggs
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What Kinds of Items Are Needed?

  • Any kind of candy
  • Any kind of small toy
  • Any kind of toothpaste
  • Any kind of toothbrush
  • Any kind of school supplies
  • Any kind of small item that would go in an Easter Basket

Robin and her friends are helping to put everything together so that the children can receive their baskets before Easter.

Can You Help?

You can drop off any of the above items at McMillan's Pub at 2905 E Simcoe St, Lafayette, LA 70501, or here at our studios at 1749 Bertrand Drive, Lafayette, LA 70506.

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