After numerous delays, management issues and inclement weather conditions, Alice the world's first all-electric passenger plane took to the sky Tuesday morning from Washington's Grant County International Airport.

Eviation Aircraft has successfully launched the first all-electric airplane with zero-emission. Alice climbed to an altitude of 3,500 feet and held steady for 8 minutes. Now that may not seem like a milestone, but think about what the Wright Brothers would say about that.

Eviation Aircraft is bringing an entirely new technology to the world and if things go as planned it won't be long until you and your family will be on a totally eclectic airplane headed to your favorite vacation destination.

Today, our all-electric Alice aircraft electrified the skies and embarked on an unforgettable world’s first flight. See Alice make history in the video clip below. We’re honored to celebrate this groundbreaking leap towards a more #sustainable future. -Eviation President and CEO Gregory Davis

Alice is powered by the same battery technology as electric cars, laptops, cellphones, etc. For every 30 minutes of charge Alice receives, she'll stay airborne for one hour.

Alice is a work in progress. Currently, the all-electric aircraft has a maximum cruising speed of about 287 mph. As technology continues to evolve and improve, so will Alice and aircraft like her.

By 2027, Eviation hopes to deliver planes just like Alice in mass quantities. Eviation Aircraft already has orders for the only all-electric aircraft in aviation history.

A monumental achievement today – Alice completing first flight! We are creating a greener, more sustainable future with our dedicated partners. Huge thank you to @AVL_List, @ClickBondInc, @GKNAero, @Honeywell_Aerospace, @magniX, #Multiplast, @ParkerAerospace, and @PotezAero. --Eviation President and CEO Gregory Davis

Alice, the world's first all-electric aircraft takes to the sky.

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