Do not take the bait.

I have seen this scam going around Facebook for a while now, but more and more people are reportedly still clicking on it.

The scam comes in the form of a message from a "friend" on Facebook saying, "Look who died in an accident.  I think you know him.  So sorry."

If you click on it, you are opening up some of your personal information to a scammer. Sadly, scammers are now using a "tragedy" to get your attention in hopes that you click on a link.


The link that you may click on will send you to another Facebook page, where it'll direct you to log in once again. If you do, that is when your login information is compromised.

DO NOT CLICK on these types of links at all.

I have seen so many on social media announce in recent weeks that they have been "hacked," well chances are they clicked on such links sent to them.

In the event you get such a message from your friend on Facebook, you may want to notify them immediately as their private info may have been stolen in a phishing scam.

I encourage you to share this story with others on social media so that no one you know gets hacked by the "bad guys" on social media.


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