A custom design wheelchair has caught the attention of many in New Orleans, Louisiana.

The video of a person navigating on a sidewalk in this motorized wheelchair has many people talking and some even noting where they've seen it.

According to some on Instagram, this wheelchair, which is designed to protect the person on it from the elements, is often seen on Claiborne Ave. in New Orleans.

whatspoppin IG
whatspoppin IG

As you can see here, the shield protects this person from the rain and even from the extreme heat we are accustomed to in the south.

Someone commenting on this video from New Orleans says they believe the person operating this wheelchair was a mechanical engineer and became disabled.

This would make all the sense to me that whoever designed this has an engineering background, after all, check out the detail here.

If you haven't seen this electric wheelchair in person or online, check out the video that was posted on social media.


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