Summer is starting off brutal here in south Louisiana.

I need not tell you that it has been extremely hot in Louisiana to start summer and one of the worst things about summer in the deep south is entering your vehicle that has been parked out in the sun.

I recently left work and when I entered my vehicle, it felt like it was 150 degrees inside of it, and it may have been.

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So, what can we do to cool off our vehicle this summer? Here I'll highlight some simple things we can do prior to exiting our vehicle this summer that may help keep it "cooler" in the months ahead.

1. Put A Small Crack in Your Windows. If you are certain that it will not rain while you're out of your vehicle, put a small crack in a few windows and it will allow the hot air to slowly escape.

2. Park in The Shade if You Can. By keeping your vehicle in the shade, it goes without saying that it will not be as hot in your vehicle when you return. That includes parking in a garage.

3. Cover Your Steering Wheel With a Towel. How many times have you burnt your hands on a hot steering wheel? If you have, you know the pain that comes with it, thus it is wise to cover it with a towel prior to getting out of the car or truck.

4. Purchase a Battery Operated Fan. Yes. many are now using small portable fans in their vehicle to cool off and they aren't very expensive. A small fan will only help cool your vehicle faster on a hot South Louisiana day.

5. Cover Vinyl or Leather Seats. Much like the steering wheel in your vehicle, the seats can get really hot in a vehicle that is parked out in the sun. Cover them with a cloth or towel when you exit and this will help keep the seats cool for you when you return.

6. Use A Sun Shade. It's amazing how good sunshades actually work when you're parked directly in the sun. While many often use them on the front windshield, you may even consider using one on the back glass too. Of all the tips, this one may work best.

7. Tint the Windows of Your Vehicle. Like many of you, I have entered vehicles with and without windows tint during the summer and the temperature is noticeably different. Keep the window tint legal, and keep your vehicle cooler during the summer.

I hope some of these tips or reminders help and remember, never leave anyone or anything in your vehicle during the summer.


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