You may want to do some inspecting of your trees.

Soon the cooler days and nights in South Louisiana will be gone, and Spring will be knocking on the door. Many of us will be back on the patio and even in the yard as temperatures begin to warm up.

While outdoors, you may want to inspect the trees in your yard for what you see here.

If you happen to see this on your tree you should remove it immediately.

What you see here is a bagworm cocoon and it is filled with thousands of eggs. Eggs hatch from early April to early June (earlier in the south), and larvae emerge from the carcass of their mother in her case.

From there they can pose a threat to the tree that they're attached to and to all other vegetation that may be nearby.

According to Wikipedia, "The bagworm has a voracious appetite and is considered a serious pest. Host trees develop damaged foliage that will kill the tree if left unchecked."

So, before Spring arrives, inspect the trees in your yard and if you see anything like this, quickly remove it from the tree or plant that it is attached to.

Here's what the bagworms look like, they resemble pine cones but are about 2 inches in size, and they may have overhanging spines throughout.

Because of the cocoon created here, poison or insecticide often will not kill the potential threat inside, you have to remove it from the tree. And yes, these are found in many of the southern states along the Gulf Coast.


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