Yes, it is very cold in parts of Louisiana, and ice and snow are now showing up in photos on social media.

Like the rest of the country, folks in Louisiana are bracing for some very cold nights this week, and we could even see a wintery mix of precipitation in south Louisiana today (Monday, Jan. 15th)

KSLA posted photos from Downtown Shreveport and you can see that the roads and sidewalks are blanketed with ice and snow. The photos shared on social media are beautiful but it is also a reminder of how cold it is actually about to be here in South Louisiana.


It still isn't too late to take care of your pipes that may be exposed to the elements, and you should have plans to bring in any pets that may be outdoors.

Temperatures to the start week will be way below freezing at night to start the week, with the coldest night coming on Tuesday.

Check out these photos from Shreveport, while we await to see if we'll get ice and flurries of snow here in 'Cajun Country."

Here's another look at the road conditions in the Shreveport area this morning. Motorists are urged to stay off the road there.

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