One of the world's best mysteries is the elusive creature we call Bigfoot, and now an oilfield worker thinks he may have the creature on camera.

A video on YouTube shows an oil field worker checking on equipment, in the snow, and his visit to a site is all documented by a dashcam that was mounted to his work truck.

Well, as he drives away from the site he visited, you see a dark figure standing in the woods, while covered in snow.

Roesler Visits North Sea Oil Drilling Platform
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According to the video, which you can see below, the worker never noticed it until he went back to review the footage he captured.

Was Bigfoot near the man while he was walking in the snow or was this just a dead spot in the woods? Check out the footage from the dashcam and let us know what you think.

Let me mention here that it is believed Bigfoot may have been spotted in another area not far from here, and in a previous sighting, the creature was reportedly holding a juvenile sasquatch at that time.

This footage was shot near Nordegg Alberta.


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