It seems like any time you turn around these days we are hearing one strange story or another at Walmart location, whether it's from Louisiana or another state.

Social media is full of strange things that you might see at your local Walmart. Here are just a few examples of strange things people have seen at Walmart locations:

You might find strange things located next to each other on a shelf.

Would you be all that surprised that you would encounter a unicorn at Walmart?

There are countless videos of pictures that have been snapped at various Walmart stores. You can form your own opinion of these pictures in this YouTube video:

Most people just go to Walmart to pick up what they need.

You probably have a list of a million things on your mind like the following:

Will I be able to find a parking spot?

What am I going to make for dinner?

How much is my bill going to be this time?

What am I forgetting?

Do I need toilet paper?

You don't think disaster will be found in the parking lot at Walmart? But, for the Mansfield Road Shreveport location parking was an issue not because there were not enough spaces, but because an area started sinking! Check this out:

Sinkhole at Shreveport Walmart 4
KSLA Photo

According to KSLA, a sinkhole has developed in the parking lot of the store.

Shreveport Walmart Sinkhole 2
KSLA Photo

From these pictures, it appears that this sinkhole is going to get bigger.

Shreveport Walmart Sinkhole 2
KSLA Photo

How Do Sinkholes Form? Here is an informative YouTube video:

Obviously, officials will be working to repair the parking lot. Here is a video on one of the many ways that a sinkhole can be repaired:

Hopefully, they are able to quickly and easily repair the sinkhole.

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