If you have a tankless water heater on the outside of your home you need to follow these instructions during this hard freeze.

So many homeowners in recent years have transitioned from the traditional water heaters in their homes to tankless ones that are at times located outdoors and exposed to the elements.

So, when and if do you need to drain them during a hard freeze, like we're currently experiencing in Louisiana?

Master Drain Service posted a detailed message on their social media page and it got right to the point when they said, "Your tankless must have electricity for it not to freeze up and break. Otherwise, if you don’t have electricity you must drain it."


To drain your tankless water heater you'll have to use the isolation valves under the unit to drain the water out.

In addition to draining the unit, you will also want to cut off the water supply, and then drain it, to prevent it from cracking. We all know that water expands when frozen, so by draining your tankless water heater, you can prevent it from cracking during the hard freeze (when you're without electricity).

According to Master Drain Services, you will only want to fill it back up when the electricity is restored to your home or business.

Here's the full explanation of what to do with your tankless water heaters during a hard freeze, when the electricity is out.


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