We have another school closure to announce from South Louisiana.

Several schools in the Acadiana region have yet to return after the winter storm due to water issues and another school will be out today to end the week.

School officials at Basile High School in Evangeline Parish announced today (Friday, January 16th) that the school would be closed due to low water pressure in the town.

The small community of Basile has been having issues with the water pressure since the hard freeze we all experienced this week, but there's more to the school closure.

In addition to having to address the water pressure at the school, administrators at Basile High are also having to combat bats that have invaded the school's gym.

The school administrators did announce the following on social media, "We plan to return to school on Tuesday, January 23, 2024. We are sorry of the inconvenience this may cause but student and staff safety is our main concern."

This latest issue is another reason why students will not be on campus today to end the week in Basile.

For more updates on school closures and re-openings, check back here throughout the weekend.


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