People in Louisiana drink bottled water for different reasons, but do you know where the water you consume comes from?

Well, Business Insider recently listed where the water comes from and to my surprise, several brands get their water from local water supplies.

Yes, the purified water you get in some bottled water comes straight from a city's tap water supply and the bottled water will cost you more than just drinking from a glass in your own house.

Let me note here, that some brands do get their water supply from natural springs, while others just do not.

One thing we've done at home that you may consider is installing a filter on where you get your water from. A filter will supply you and your family with safe drinking water, like what you get in bottled water.


Now, let's take a look at where some brands get their water and then supply it in the bottles you see in stores. This again comes from Business Insider. 

  • Dasani: Purified water, local water supply
  • Nestle Pure Life: Purified water, well or municipal water
  • Aquafina: Purified water, public water sources, 40 bottling facilities in the U.S.
  • Poland Spring: Natural spring water, springs in Maine
  • Smartwater: Purified water, municipal water systems
  • Deer Park: Natural spring water, springs across the U.S.
  • Ozarka: Natural spring water, springs in Texas
  • Crystal Geyser: Natural spring water, springs across the U.S.

Now that you see where some brands get the water that is put into their bottles, keep it in mind, and just remember you can save money at times by just getting your water from a filtered faucet or refrigerator that is in your home.


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