The heat is on in Louisiana and you should most certainly keep yourself hydrated.

However, can you drink too much water this summer as you battle the heat?

In short, the answer is yes, but we want to look more into this. The Centers for Disease and Control says that you should NOT drink more than 48 ounces of water or six cups of water in an hour.

Just recently a story was out about a mother who died by drinking too much water. After she dehydrated, she drank too much water at once, and the water caused the tissue in her brain to swell.


If you drink too many liquids in a short period of time, your kidneys cannot process that much water or sports drink you consumed, and thereafter your kidneys will shut down.

That is why medical professionals suggest that we drink water in moderation while out this summer. You do not want to "drown" yourself.

If one overhydrates they may experience nausea, headaches, diarrhea, and/or vomiting.

Again, with extreme temperatures in Louisiana this summer we remind you to stay hydrated and to take several breaks if you're working outdoors, but you need to drink fluids in moderation.

According to The U.S. National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine, men should drink 3.7 liters of water in a day, while women should consume 2.7 liters.

If you don't know how much water you should drink daily, stick to eight glasses a day.

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