In recent weeks we have reported on so many water lines bursting in various parts of southern Louisiana.

WVUE out of New Orleans just filed a great report on what may be causing these water lines to burst so often now.

Sure, much of the infrastructure above and below ground in Louisiana is aging, but why are so many communities having to address broken water lines?

Well, according to their report, the drought that we went through this summer in Louisiana is playing a huge role in the lines bursting underground.


In the WVUE report, which you can read in full HERE, they say the recent drought here allowed room for pipes to move, being that the ground separated. Now, fast forward a few months and the region that was once deprived of rainfall has gotten a lot of rain in a short period of time.

With so much rain in recent months, mud has put an extensive amount of pressure on the pipes, which are already fragile and have moved, thus causing some of the pipes to burst.

Of course, when this happens, those impacted by the burst are then forced to boil water once repairs are made, and some at times even have to address flooding in their yard and homes.

So, if you hear of another pipe bursting in Louisiana keep in mind what was noted in the report and understand that those who are there to repair the damage are working as hard as they can to supply water back to homes and businesses.


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