The United States military has located the wreckage of an F-35 jet after it crashed in South Carolina.

The jet, which was unmanned at the time of the crash, crashed after the pilot ejected, but it did take some time for the jet to come crashing down.

The Lockheed Martin F-35 Lightning II crashed in Williamsburg County and once the wreckage was found military personel created a strict perimeter around the area where the jet went down.

And while no one may have seen the jet crashing down to the ground, one may says he heard the jet approaching.

Air Force's Airmen Partake In Training Flights With The New F-35 At Hill Air Force Base
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Meet Randolph White, a 72-year-old man, from South Carolina, who says he heard the jet just before it crashed. While in the bathroom of his house "taking a shave" he says he heard, "A screeching, between a screech and a whistle."

Soon after White says he heard a boom and that his entire house shook.

However, it was Mr. White's sound effects that he used while talking to a local television station that made his interview go viral.

Not knowing that the boom he heard was a military plane that crashed, he said, "Well, did a meteorite come from outer space or something?"

I highly recommend that you turn the volume up for this one and be sure to share this with some of your friends or family on social media, because it's that good.

Mr. White seems to have the right personality to put a smile on anyone's face, and with it, he certainly has gotten the attention of many on social media in recent days.


Here's what some are now saying about the South Carolina man after this viral news story surfaced on social media platforms.


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