A major crash on the Causeway Bridge in New Orleans was caught on camera as another vehicle traveled across the bridge with the vehicles involved.

The accident was caught via a dashcam, and two workers were injured in the crash, according to WGNO.

As you'll see in the video linked here, the black truck never slowed down or switched lanes as it approached a white utility truck.

According to the New Orleans television station, two workers were injured in this crash and the bridge was closed for nearly an hour so that officials could remove the vehicles and debris from the bridge.

Police Lights
Photo courtesy of Crime Stoppers of Vermilion

Luckily, the bridge workers who were injured in this crash will make a full recovery, but at this time there is no official cause of the accident.

WGNO reports that there is no word if citations were issued following this crash on the bridge.

Unfortunately, this isn't the first major crash caught on camera from this bridge. Here's another crash that was caught on camera involving several vehicles.


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