As John Nugent rolled up to his business on West Pinhook in Lafayette this morning he was surprised to see that a crash on the roadway ended in his parking lot.

As traffic was really beginning to build up on Lafayette streets this morning, a crash happened near 3209 West Pinhook with a vehicle ending up hitting Nugent's sign for his Shipping, Etc. location.

We spoke to John about the crash, and he says he was very shocked to see that the car ended up jumping three curbs, smashing into his sign, and ending up on the parking lot near the side of his business.

Nugent says once he found out that there were only minor injuries in association with the crash, he let a little bit of disappointment creep into his mind as he will have to replace the sign he has had at his business for 21 years.

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He says it almost seemed like it was a scene out of the "Dukes of Hazard" when he rolled up to his shop this morning.

Nugent says obviously his main goal today is to see what can be done to repair the sign, but he doubts that's likely. The sign will have to be replaced.

He adds he is very thankful that there were only minor injuries associated with the crash on the roadway as the sign was placed in the ground with 4 by 6 poles. The sign was deeply rooted and extremely sturdy. He says he is happy the person in the vehicle was able to avoid serious injuries.

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