Warmer days are coming and soon many in Louisiana will be hitting the beaches of Florida.

Well, we have an unfortunate story and photos to share with you as a massive shark has washed up on a beach that many from here visit.

The Navarre Fire & Rescue Facebook page reported that a 13-15' deceased shark washed up on one of the beaches.

Sure, we know that there are some huge sharks in the water near this part of Florida, but to see one this size deceased on the beach is just a reminder of this potential threat in the gulf.

With a large fishing pier in the area, several large sharks have been spotted around Navarre Beach and this one shark is a reminder that they're out there.

Great White Sharks in South Africa
Photo by Ryan Pierse/Getty Images

Many locals say that the large sharks in the gulf are attracted to the bait fish used from the pier in Navarre.

Here are some more photos that were shared on social media (Navarre & Fire Rescue) that show this huge shark on the beach in Florida.

We should note here the yellow strap you see near the shark was used to try to return it to the water, but it was later determined that the shark was already dead when rescuers arrived.

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attachment-Screen Shot 2024-02-23 at 9.13.47 AM

Here are more photos of the huge shark on the beach.


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