A huge female shark has been pinged off of the coast of Texas, and it is on the move.

With warmer days and Spring Break ahead, we thought that you should be aware of what is lurking out in the Gulf of Mexico.

Sure, we know that sharks are in the water, but this shark is estimated to be 2,600 pounds and it has been up and down the Texas coast.

More beachgoers will soon be in the water and you should know that this is just one of many dangers when out in the water.


Just recently a large Great White washed up on shore in Navarre Beach, and it too was a reminder that there are some very large sharks out in the gulf.

According to a social media post, the shark that is being tracked along the Texas coast has traveled over 2,000 miles to reach the southern coast, and it is not very far from the Louisiana shoreline.

I'd encourage you to share this bit of information with others on social media as they may soon be planning to cool off in warm gulf water this summer. And while out in the water, be sure to always keep an eye out for this potential danger.

Here's the social media post that shows where this massive shark has been in recent days.

Another post on social media shows just how large this female shark is.


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