Spring Break has gotten out of control in Panama City Beach.

Several police agencies in and around Panama City Beach have been working some long hours as spring breakers descend on the gulf coast.

Things have gotten so out of hand in Panama City Beach that police have actually closed streets and prohibited folks from walking alongside some of the roadways.

PCB Facebook
PCB Facebook

In a recent Facebook post, PCB Police say that they have confiscated nearly 100 guns that range from pistols to long-range rifles.

Police say that with the number of guns they've confiscated, they could supply "a small army" with the weapons.

Several businesses in Panama City Beach have reportedly been vandalized by those visiting, and police say that those responsible will soon learn what justice is like in Florida.

Amazingly, police only report one shooting from this past weekend, yet many are still armed along the gulf coast and police say that they will not tolerate what is happening for spring break.

160 people were arrested this past weekend while in Panama City Beach.


Several videos have now surfaced on various social media platforms that show the chaos in the popular spring break destination.

Here's the scene from inside the Walmart that was ransacked by spring breakers in Florida.

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