What a huge fish.

People in Louisiana love to flock to the Emerald Gulf Coast and one of their favorite spots to visit is Navarra Beach. Once known as Florida's Best Kept Secret, many have now found a place along the Gulf Coast to relax.

Navarre is known to not have a lot of traffic, great restaurants, and the water along the beach is often "picture perfect." Well, we have some news to share here and this may deter some from wanting to return to the water there.

Sure, we know sharks live in water and the gulf, that's not Breaking News, but to see a Great White caught off the beaches there is still surprising.

Coastal Worldwide
Coastal Worldwide

Coastal Worldwide posted this video of their fisherman bringing in what is estimated to be a 12-foot shark. They did not have time to measure the shark because by law they had to release it as soon as they were able to unhook it.

The female shark put up a great fight, but the anglers were still able to reel it in and get a good glimpse of it.

Navarre Beach is known to have some rather large sharks in the area and many say it's because of the fishing pier there. People fish off of the long pier 24 hours a day, thus there is always "bait in the water" that attracts the larger sharks.

Check out their catch below.

Recently, a video shot from overhead spotted a huge shark in the water and now we ask, is this the same shark that was reeled in above?

Take a look at this one.


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