Who doesn't like the beach?

This summer we have seen several wild animals show up on the beach, and now we can add deer to the list.

A photo recently surfaced on social media and it shows several large deer standing around chairs positioned on the beach.

Look, we've seen bears, alligators, and badgers show up on the soft white sand, but I can't recall seeing deer like we see here.

I do recall seeing this deer years ago on social media, but this was a lone deer who showed up for some summer fun.

A number of people on social media report seeing the deer around Panama City Beach, but very few have seen them on the beach--- until now.

I don't know how or why they showed up on the beach, but perhaps the extreme temperatures down south forced them closer to the water.

Here's a photo of the deer on the beach in Florida, and now several deer hunters are wishing they cross again elesewhere.


Someone shared another photo of four deer and they do resemble the ones you see here on the beach.

Perhaps these deer are just very friendly.

Traci Johnson
Traci Johnson

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