Some deer hunters in Louisiana and/or Texas may not like this one.

Hunters across the south have been in their deer stands for weeks now looking for their next trophy deer and it may have never even been in the woods.

A recent video shows a very large deer SWIMMING in Baffin Bay, which is just off the coast of Texas.

As odd as this may be, it isn't as uncommon as you may think. I have personally spoken to many in Louisiana who have spotted deer and other wildlife swimming in the gulf or a bay and they often say that there's nothing you can do for them at this point.

Deer In London's Richmond Park
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Imagine being on a boat and seeing this beautiful animal struggle and there's nothing you can do because there's no land in sight.

If you're an animal lover you can only hope by some miracle that this animal can survive the waters and reach land.

Here's the video of this trophy deer off the coast of Texas.


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