A swim instructor has gone viral on social media after she posted a warning to parents who have kids who like to swim during the summertime.

Nikki Scarnati posted a video on TikTok that showed her daughter swimming while wearing blue swimwear and she pointed out how difficult it is to see your child while they are underwater.

Rather, as some suggested under her viral video, you should put your kids in bright colors like red, yellow, orange, or even neon.

Nikki Scarnati
Nikki Scarnati

Many of us will soon be diving into pools and hitting the beaches and this is an excellent reminder for all.

Make sure that your kids are visible while they are in the water, and they are having a blue bathing suit on makes it rather difficult.

One mother commented on the video below and admitted that her child nearly drowned when he dove into the murky water.

Luckily the child who went into the water had a bright orange swimsuit on and she was able to locate her child and pull him to safety.


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