Wildlife is everywhere in Louisiana and one driver found out the hard way that deer will often jump in front of vehicles that are traveling on or near interstates.

If you travel I-10 or I-49 in South Louisiana, you know deer are present along the busy interstates and often they are very close to traffic.

One man in Iowa was recently on his way to work in Lafayette and while on a frontage road, two large deer jumped out in front of him.

The man driving the work van tells us that the deer jumped out in front of him so fast that he didn't even have a chance to apply the brakes.

As you will see in the graphic video below, one deer got away, while the other did not. The man in the van hit an 8-Point buck and the animal died on the side of the roadway.

Listener Submitted
Listener Submitted

Yes, the vehicle the man was driving did sustain quite a bit of damage, but the driver was not injured in this accident.

We share this with you to remind you of the dangers out there and by dangers we do mean wildlife. In recent years we have seen more wildlife in areas that you do not expect to see them, thus you should be cautious out there.

This video is also a good reminder to keep all eyes ahead while driving along interstates because deer are out there and there are many of them.

Let me note that as of writing this story, deer season has begun and deer are on the move now more than ever.

Again, I will warn you some may find the video below to be DISTURBING, however, this is a real danger to all who travel the roadways in Louisiana.

Deer In London's Richmond Park
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We did reach out to State Police and Troop I spokesman had this to say about wildlife on the roads:

While we cannot control wildlife on the roadways, as a driver, you can take precautions to help minimize those encounters:
  1. Always wear seat belts and adhere to the posted speed limits.
  2. Don't rely on high beams and deer whistles to always deter deer.
  3. stay alert and awake; never drive distracted or impaired.
  4. When driving during the high-risk times of dusk and dawn, drive with high beams on when possible.  if you see one deer on the side of the road, expect there to be others.
  5. If you are encountering a deer in the road, BRAKE, do not swerve. Swerving can put you at risk of hitting another vehicle or losing control.


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