A Lafayette, Louisiana bar owner is expressing concern for his business as road construction is about to begin near his establishment.

Shannon Melacon, who owns Shannons on West Congress, tells KLFY TV-10 that with the road closure in front of his business, he is concerned that his bar will affected due to the lack of traffic in the area.

Shannons is located on the 4800 block of West Congress, where LUS will be doing a major repair to a nearby bridge. Because of this construction project, West Congress will be closed to all traffic, which passes in front of the bar.

This project is expected to last two to three months, but LUS hopes to expedite it and complete it sooner rather than later.

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Melacon told KLFY-TV that he and his employees do not work on salary, strictly on tips, and he doesn't know if they'll survive due to the lack of business.

He notes that the detour for those coming from within the city of Lafayette is out of the way, which could deter potential patrons.

According to KLFY's report, Melacon says, "He supports the repairs needed for the bridge, but hopes Lafayette Consolidated Government can help him through compensation not only for himself but also his employees."

For more on the detour on West Congress St. click HERE. 


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