When you're a firefighter you never know what your day or night may be like.

Speak to anyone who is a firefighter and they will tell you that no call is ever the same, and recently the St. George Fire Department found that out.

Members of the fire department there were called out to rescue an animal that was in distress, and no it wasn't a cat stuck in a tree.

The St. George Fire Dept. responded to a call about a small deer wedged between two bars of a fence.

When firefighters arrived, they devised a plan for some of the crew to use the proper tools to rescue the deer, while others were assigned to calm the wild animal.


As you may imagine, the animal was very anxious as firefighters used their "Jaws of Life" to separate the bars on the fence so that the deer could be released.

Good news, after a few minutes members of the St. George Fire Dept. were able to pry open the fence and the small deer went on its way.

As shocking as this may be, it isn't the first time I have seen a deer rescued from a fence and those who assisted this small deer in Louisiana should be applauded for their quick thinking and efforts.

Here's the video of the deer being rescued from the fence.


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