Hunters in Louisiana are in the woods looking for their next big trophy and someone scored a huge one.

How do we know, well they put their trophy deer on the vehicle they drive and now it is all over social media.

Having grown up in south Louisiana I have seen many hunters parade through town after taking down a deer, and often the deer was placed on the hood or tailgate of a truck. I can't recall ever seeing a huge deer on a car---until now.

Well, someone in Catahoula Parish harvested a huge deer and they put the animal on the back of a small sports car.


Sure, sometimes you do what you have to do, but this is still hilarious. We don't know if the person who took down this deer went into the woods with this vehicle, but I'd have loved to see their face when they realized where they were going to have to place the deer after the hunt.

I'll end with this, I assume that this deer was harvested by a hunter, but what if the person driving this car saw the dead deer on the side of the road and picked it up?

We may never know, but this is the photo that is being shared across the social media platform.


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Gallery Credit: Angela Underwood

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