There is plenty of wildlife in Louisiana and some can be a nuisance for property owners.

Knowing that the State of Louisiana allows property owners and those who may be leasing property to protect their property from some wildlife, specifically those that can damage the property.

So, what animals or wildlife can property owners shoot year-round when it comes to protecting their property?

There are several animals that property owners can take down during normal hunting hours in Louisiana, but the catch is that the animals must be taken out during normal shooting hours.

Let's explore which animals can be "hunted" year-round in Louisiana by property owners. For starters, wildlife such as feral hogs, coyotes, and armadillos are considered "outlaw wildlife."


If they are causing damage to your property or to things attached to your property, they may be shot and killed during the defined normal hunting hours in Louisiana.

Other animals that the state labels as "nuisance species"  may also be hunted and killed year-round if they too are causing damage to your property. Those animals considered to be a nuisance include skunks, nutria, beavers, and opossums.

As you may be aware, there is an actual bounty on nutria in Louisiana as this invasive species is now considered a threat to the wetlands in Louisiana.

Of course, there are many regulations that one must follow with hunting what may be a threat to their property and to read more on the laws and regulations you can visit Louisiana Wildlife and Fisheries. 

If one wishes to trap animals in Louisiana that are a nuisance on their property that may be done November 20 through March 31.


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