Hunting or harvesting Black Bears in Louisiana may soon happen after Governor Landry signed a new bill.

According to the Louisiana Wildlife and Fisheries post on social media, Gov. Landry signed House Bill 684, which marks a significant step forward for Louisiana's black bear management and conservation efforts.

It has been well-documented in recent years that the black bear population has skyrocketed in "Sportsman's Paradise" and now efforts are being made to "conserve" the black bear population in our state.


The new bill signed by Gov. Landry allows for the following, as the state moves closer to allowing some to hunt black bears.

  • Expand the use of funds in the Louisiana black bear account of the Conservation Fund to include management, conservation, restoration, and enhancement of the black bear species, in addition to its habitat.
  • Establishes a $25 bear hunting license, which will be required in addition to a basic hunting license and a bear harvest permit to hunt and take black bears.
  • Allow the Louisiana Wildlife and Fisheries Commission to hold a lottery for bear harvest permits and establish a $50 fee per application.
  • Allow the Secretary of the Department of Wildlife and Fisheries to auction a single bear harvest permit to the highest bidder.
  • Allows the baiting of bears only by properly licensed and permitted hunters.

Secretary Madison D. Sheahan had this to say after the bill was signed in Baton Rouge, "Louisiana has a long list of conservation success stories that are supported by our hunters and landowners. This will be another example of one of those success stories.”

Louisiana Dept. of Wildlife and Fisheries ended their announcement on social media with, "Let's celebrate this conservation success story!"

There is no word yet on when Black Bear hunting season would be open, or when the lottery to hunt the bears in Louisiana will happen. We will follow this story closely and provide more details as they become available.


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