Your lawn can tell you a lot about your yard.

Have you ever noticed that when your lawn needs water or nutrients it begins to dry out or turn brown? If so, you already know that your lawn can communicate with you.

Well, what is your lawn trying to tell you if it looks like the photo you see above/

As you can see here parts of the lawn appear to be uprooted or dug into, and that is precisely what is happening.


Something has forced this lawn to look as such and the culprit is none other than a skunk. Yes, they may be cute but the last thing you want in your yard at night is a skunk.

When they spray they stink and if you're the one to get sprayed by the skunk, it is very difficult to rid yourself of the odor.

So, if you have noticed that your lawn looks like this, with small footprints in it, you should be aware of your surroundings while out at night.

Skunks will often hunt for food at night and if you're in the yard while they are, you could startle them and you already know what their defensive mechanism is and you want none of that.

Check out this video below for more on what skunks can do to your lawn.

Here's one more great video on ways to keep skunks from invading your yard. Check this out.


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