As temperatures warm up more and more snakes are on the move, and one man says that he spotted a large snake in North Louisiana.

Keith Johnson posted this photo of a very large snake near a roadway and he says that the snake was spotted in Tensas Parish.

That area of north Louisiana is covered in wooded areas and this massive snake seemed to be on the move.

Google Maps
Google Maps

Jonson said it's a rattlesnake, while some commenting on the photo on social media say that this is a timber rattlesnake.

Whatever type of snake this is, I would not want to get close to it. However, let this photo remind you that snakes are moving during this time of year and that you need to remain vigilant while out and about this summer.

Years ago we shared another photo of a large snake similar to this one and a friend told me that many of us would be surprised at how many large snakes are out in ditches and fields across Acadiana.

Johnson did not say what happened to the snake after spotting it.

Here's another look at the snake from north Louisiana that is all over social media, and shared in the Louisiana Facebook Group.

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