Some very concerning photos recently surfaced on social media and it shows major cracks in the structure of a bridge in Louisiana.

The photos were shared in the Facebook group, People of Moss Bluff Informed, and according to the person under the bridge while in his boat, the cracks are very concerning and visible.

The bridge with the cracks in it is the Moss Bluff Westlake Bridge, and it is a draw bridge.

Google Maps
Google Maps

Some on social media say that the bridge's condition is nothing new, and a person commented under the photo that when they cross this bridge they often put the windows of their vehicle down if it collapses.

We hope that DOTD gets word of these photos and that inspectors make their way under this bridge in Louisiana.

This is the last thing you want to see if you have to cross this bridge and after the bridge collapse in Baltimore, many are dealing with anxiety when crossing bridges everywhere.

Check out a few more photos from under the Moss Bluff Westlake Bridge and let's hope that these columns are repaired before something catastrophic happens here in south Louisiana.

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