In recent weeks I have noticed many pedestrians in the roadways in Lafayette, Louisiana and I fear that someone may get seriously injured if things don't improve.

One of the longest-going conversations in Lafayette has been how to accommodate better those who walk from one destination to another, but now those who walk the streets are seriously putting themselves in danger.

Sure, many of the roadways in Lafayette have sidewalks that run parallel to them, but now more pedestrians are risking their lives while standing in the middle of the road.

Often this happens on roads with turning lanes and pedestrians are now standing in turning lanes while waiting to cross the next two lanes. Those walking will cross the first two lanes of the road, then stand in the turning lane while traffic zooms by in the other lanes.


This is so dangerous and I hope that no one gets hurt or killed while standing in the turning lanes in Lafayette. This has to stop and one thing pedestrians can do is use crosswalks at intersections.

Most major intersections in Lafayette have crosswalks and this allows those on foot to cross all lanes safely and also alerts drivers of the pedestrians crossing.

Sadly, so many people are distracted while driving these days and if someone is standing in a turning lane, a driver may not see them as they attempt to enter or exit the lane. One way to avoid a potential accident is to use the crosswalks at intersections.

One more thing that i've noticed on the road here is that those who are wallking or riding bikes at night need to wear bright colored clothing or have refelctive gear on. I have also noticed some on bikes sitting in turning lanes at night, wairting to cross.

Again, if you're driving around Lafayette, please be careful and be aware that some who walk to their destinations are using roadways and turning lanes as part of their commute.

We've seen way too many pedestian fatalities in recent years and if we alll do our small part, we can limit the accidents and injuries on the roadways in Lafayette.


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