The Mayor of Breaux Bridge has announced that the drawbridge downtown will be closing for 40 weeks.

Mayor Ricky Calais posted that the City of Breaux Bridge received word that LA DOTD had approved funding for the refurbishing of the historic downtown bridge that spans Bayou Teche. The project is set to begin October 12th, and take 40 weeks to complete.

This project will begin on October 12th and will include repairs to every component of our bridge. It is such a massive undertaking that the work will stretch over an extended period of time. - Mayor Ricky Calais, Facebook

This timeline puts the reopening date towards the end of July 2021. The mayor also noted that, due to the expected increase in traffic at the intersection of Rees and Refinery, a traffic study is underway to determine whether a traffic signal needs to be installed at that location.

Mayor Calais also asks motorists to have patience and be courteous as everyone deals with the inconvenience of detouring around the bridge.


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